Why a White Poppy along with a Red Poppy this Remembrance Day?



Recent events at home and abroad highlight the need to carefully consider the costs and consequences of war and its seeming inability to make the world a safer place. By using the white poppy alongside the red, we honour the sacrifices of fallen veterans while encouraging students to explore better ways to prevent war and work toward a world where no soldier or civilian has to suffer its horrors again.  
This year wear a white poppy…

  • to commemorate all victims of war.
  • to mourn the environmental devastation
    it causes.
  • to reject war as a tool for social change.
  • to call for dialog and peaceful conflict resolution.
  • to show your commitment to building a
    better future.

Because remembering is important, but it isn’t enough.

White Poppy

You can order  Peace Poppies from the Vancouver Peace Poppy website in time for your Remembrance Day Assembly. With help from a 2013‒14 BCTF’s Ed May Social Justice Grant, teachers  helped the Vancouver Peace Poppy organization  assemble classroom materials  for this Remembrance Day and are subsidizing poppies for schools.
Some other electronic peace resources for educators

  1. Teaching For Peace
  2. Conscience Canada—Never Again: Peace Education and Remembrance Day
  3. Peace Pledge Union (originators of the White Poppy, in England)



  1. War Toys for Peace Art
  2.  BCTF Social Justice Magazine Summer/Fall 2014 issue

Kathy Hartman
Assistant Director of Social Justice