VINTA Executive & Chairpersons 2016 – 17

Shawn Gough – President
on full-time release from Sunset Elementary School

These hard working volunteers have been elected to your V.I.N.T.A. Executive.

Kathleen McArthur – Vice President
North Island Secondary School

Kevin Ogren – Local Representative Chairperson
Sunset Elementary School

Jason Voth – Bargaining/Grievance Committee Chairperson
Port Hardy Secondary School

Sarah Soltau – Professional Development Chairperson
Sunset Elementary School

Robert Fyles – Secretary-Treasurer
Port Hardy Secondary School

Kevin McGhee – Health, Safety & Wellness Chairperson
Port Hardy Secondary School

Nimfa Casson – Social Justice Chairperson
North Island Secondary School

Katelyn Watkinson – TTOC Chairperson
Sunset Elementary School

Teresa Wadhams – Aboriginal Educators’ Contact
Cheslakees Elementary School

Sherri Whitehead – Member-At-Large

Fred Robertson – Local Election Contact


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