Hi All,

Thought I would give you a brief update on a few things.

$105 Million:
The BCPSEA has sent out a directive to districts today to request that member information be sent to the BCTF regarding assignment percentage etc. This will enable BCTF to process the money we are to receive and then get it out to us. I still am not expecting to see this until some time in December, but at least its under way.

Pro-D October 24:
Please remember to send in your Pro-D forms if you are travelling or planning a self-directed activity. If you are staying in the North Island, there are also the options of the tours we have organized locally. Check your email to find the list, and let Mark or I know which tour you would like. We need the information before the 21st so we can make final arrangements.

Fred, Richard, Robena and I will be going into a meeting on the 27th to meld the 2006-2011 contract with the 2011-2013 contract. This needs to be done before we can start on melding the 2013-2019 contract. Most districts are in the same boat as us as the process was put on hold while further bargaining took place. My expectation is that over the next two months we will have the whole process complete, and will be able to print new Collective Agreements for members.

Upcoming Dates:
Joint Pro-D meeting at SBO, tomorrow at 1:30
Board Meeting at NISS, October 20th at 6pm
Contract melding at SBO, October 27th from 9-4
New Employee Orientation at U’Mista, October 28 from 9-3


Shawn Gough
Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association
Local President
250-949-8888 office
250-902-9500 cell