UBC MOOC – Reconciliation through Indigenous Education, begins January 27

Reconciliation through Indigenous Education

Reconciliation through Indigenous Education
UBC Faculty of Education MOOC

January 2015 | http://ets.educ.ubc.ca/IndEdu200x

Explore strategies, teaching exemplars, and resources that support the teaching and learning of Indigenous ways of knowing in classrooms, schools and communities.

UBC Faculty of Education is delivering a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a free 6-week course that begins on January 25. Join Dr. Jan Hare, Professor of Indigenous Education, to learn about Indigenous Education through the lens of reconciliation. Participants will engage with educational leaders and resources that provide direction for how education programs and teaching practices can be modified in order to meaningfully integrate Indigenous knowledge worldviews and pedagogies in classrooms, schools and communities.

Each topic of the 6-week course is structured with: lectures, conversations with Elders and knowledge keepers; dialogues with educators and scholars that inform practice; teaching examples; and curriculum and educational resources.

Register Now http://ets.educ.ubc.ca/IndEdu200x
Course duration January 27 – March 10, 2015

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