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The Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association and
The Board Of School Trustees Of School District No. 85
Collective Agreement.
Effective July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2019
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Worksafe 6A Form – Workers Report of Injury or
Occupational Disease To Employer
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Vancouver Island North Retired Teachers’ Association:
Click Here – RTA Newsletter May 5th, 2015
Click Here – RTA Newsletter September 2015
Click Here – RTA Newsletter Spring 2016
Click Here – RTA Newsletter Fall 2016

British Columbia Retired Teachers’ Association

Retirement Information:
Pension Portal – Teachers’ Pension Plan Click Here
Retirement Planning Workshop- BC Retired Teachers’ Association Click Here

Other Links:
BCTF Member Service – Peer Support Service FAQ Click Here

BC Ministry of Education – BC Performance Standards Click Here

BC Ministry of Education – New Curriculum Click Here

U’mista Potlach Click Here

CoDevelopment Canada – building partnerships for global justice

Pangaea Exploration – Be a part of the Educators on Board Program