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The VINTA Pro-D Committee of June 07, 2017 passed a motion that:

  • In the 2017-18 school year a VINTA member can apply for individually directed Pro-D expense amount of $600.
  • And in the 2017-18 school year a VINTA member can apply for 2 TTOC days to attend an individual directed Pro-D activity.

How to get reimbursed for Pro-D Expenses:

  1. Obtain an application form (yellow) from your School Pro-D Representative or Click Here: Pro-D Application Form
  2. Complete the application form and give a copy to your A.O.
  3. Forward the original application form to the Superintendent at the School Board Office. Applications must be received (date stamped as received) a minimum of five days prior to the activity.
  4. The Superintendent will return the original application form to applicant indicating whether or not the necessary leave has been granted and the School Board Office will forward a copy of the application to the VINTA Office.
  5. After the Pro-D event, submit the original approved application with the ‘Actual Column’ completed with receipts to the VINTA Office for payment.
  6. The following receipts must be submitted with approved original Pro-D application form for payment:
    – transportation (air, bus, train, ferry),
    – event registration fees,
    – accommodation.
    No receipts necessary for meals or mileage.
  7. If plans are changed or event cancelled, inform your A.O. and VINTA immediately.

NOTE: Only expenses submitted on the appropriate application form in the ‘Actual’ column with the appropriate receipts shall be considered for payment.

Types of Pro-D Activities:

  1. Self Directed Pro-D.  Available on Provincial Day or School Based Day when the teacher’s attendance is not essential for the planned activity. There will be no costs associated with this activity.
  2. Individual Pro-D.  Available for attending workshops/non-credit courses/visitations within or outside the district. Up to 25% of individual Pro-D allotment can be used for the purchase of materials.
  3. District Directed Pro-D.  Available when Individual Pro-D has been exhausted, unusual circumstances, funding of educationally-oriented activities for teachers, exchange teachers or when expenses of a workshop exceed $800. One may also access the District Directed fund to use with Individual Pro-D. Mentoring Program is District Directed.
  4. School Committee.   Available to schools for funding Pro-D involving one or more staff members working towards a goal established by the staff as a whole. Up to 25% of allotment can be used for the purchase of materials that must be kept in the school.