Local Ratification Vote Results

Hi again,

Sorry about all the e-mails today.  It is not like you don’t have the end of the year to wrap up.

We did ratify our local matters agreement with the School District.  In fact, it was a unanimous decision.  This will mostly affect our post and fill process.  It will come into effect next school year.  We will meet with the district in the fall to incorporate these changes into the Collective Agreement.  There are a also a few changes from the provincial agreement last year.  Hopefully, the latest version of our Collective Agreement will be available in the fall.

A great big thank you to everyone on our local bargaining team for all of their work on local bargaining this year.  They are: Jackie Poynter, Richard Starr, Robena MacLaren, Robert Fyles, Shawn Gough and Teresa Wadhams!

And, thank you to everyone who was able to come out and vote today.

Fred Robertson
Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association