Important updates on education change & New webinar on infusing Aboriginal content

Important updates on education change


In addition to the Education Change Bulletin sent last week, there are several important new updates on curriculum, reporting, and assessment. With all the changes, the Federation is continuing to work hard to press on the Ministry of Education for more appropriate timelines, funding, and resources. Here’s the latest:

  • The BCTF has asked the Ministry of Education to push back the implementation of the Grades 10-12 curriculum documents and to have them remain in draft form only. 
  • The BCTF Executive Committee recently passed a motion withdrawing the Federation from participating in the development of the replacements for the FSA and provincial exams. Despite many months of work, meetings, consultations, and near consensus on the matter from partner groups, the government has still not committed to replacements that secure the data and protect student privacy.
  • Federation representatives will reach out to the Ministry of Education to express teachers’ ongoing concerns with the confusing changes to reporting and the lack of clear and timely information.

In many conversations with Ministry of Education staff and the Minister, BCTF Table Officers have been clear that education changes, even if they are welcome, cannot all be piled on at the same time without the necessary supports, resources, and appropriate timelines.



New webinar on infusing Aboriginal content



A new webinar featuring BCTF members and other educators discussing strategies to infuse Aboriginal content throughout the curriculum and grade levels is now available on YouTube. This professional dialogue is an excellent resource for teachers looking to learn more about ways to include Aboriginal content and perspectives in an authentic and respectful manner.