I’d Rather Be Teaching

As we head into 2013, another round of bargaining and a provincial election are just around the corner. British Columbians need to hear directly from teachers about your experiences in the classroom and efforts to speak out for public education in your communities. The BCTF is creating new ways for you to reach out to the public directly.
First, watch this brand new minute-long video about class size and composition and share it on your social networks.
Second, visit the BCTF’s new interactive website, IdRatherBeTeaching.ca. The site is a place for BC teachers to upload their own content and speak out about their personal experiences and efforts to defend public education. Using humour, storytelling, art, photography, and everything in between, it’s a space for teachers to connect directly with British Columbians.
As BC teachers, we love our jobs and we care about our students. That’s why we advocate for better schools. We hit the streets for big rallies, knock on doors during an election, run petition drives, and even run marathons to raise awareness. We’d of course rather just be teaching, but right now our schools need defending.
Susan Lambert
British Columbia Teachers’ Federation