Free Summer Forestry Pro-D Opportunity

Free Summer Forestry Pro-D Opportunity

Port Alberni and Southern Vancouver Island

When: August 23-25, 2017
Where: Departing from Horseshoe Bay for Mainland teachers, and 
Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo for Island teachers, this tour will focus on 
Southern Vancouver Island forests in the region of Port Alberni.

Our 2017 summer teachers’ tour will take you to Port Alberni — a hub 
for forestry on Southern Vancouver Island. Port Alberni is a deep port 
city which lies within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni 
Inlet, Vancouver Island’s longest inlet. On the east side of Vancouver 
Island there is a long history of timber harvesting, and many of 
today’s forests are third growth stands (meaning they’ve been 
replanted three times in the history of logging).

The tour kicks off in the MacMillan Provincial Park at Cathedral 
Grove, were you can get up close and personal with giant Douglas-fir 
trees, some over 800 years old. You will contrast this magnificent 
old-growth with a local Christmas Tree Farm run by students in Alberni 
District High School, followed by a visit to a private land woodlot.

You will be treated to what we call a live logging show that will 
include a skyline, tie-back component. How logs are processed, sorted 
and sold will be discussed, and issues around land management, 
silviculture, ecosystem management and First Nations values will also 
be addressed.

On your final day you will tour a large sawmill, where the latest 
technology is used to process logs into lumber, extracting the highest 
value and volume of wood from each log.

Along the way will be nature stops, presentations and opportunities to 
ask questions. There will be discussions about how to use the 
materials you will receive and the information you gain in your 
classroom programs and much more.

As with all of our tours, there will be moderate hikes in the forest, 
nature stops, many different stakeholders to speak with, and lots of 
great goodies to take back to the classroom.

Best of all—the entire experience is absolutely FREE!.
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Free professional development events for British Columbia teachers that take teachers on tours of resource-based communities, forests, sawmills, ecosystems

For safety and scheduling we require that all teachers stay in the 
accommodations provided. Accommodation is shared, two per room, and is 
arranged and paid for by the Festival of Forestry. We cover 
accommodation, meals, and transportation from the tour meeting place 
and back again at the completion of the event.  Selected participants 
will receive additional information prior to the tour that includes a 
detailed itinerary, what to bring, where to meet and what to expect.

Please be prepared for bus travel, rooming with a partner, walking and 
hiking outdoors.

Each tour can accommodate 20 teachers. Thank you in advance for 
acknowledging these guidelines.