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BCTF – Tremendous news to announce today

November 10, 2016
We have tremendous news to announce today
As you know, the BCTF legal team was presenting our case on bargaining rights in the Supreme Court of Canada today. We have just had word that we have won the case. We had expected the ruling to take months, however, a decision was handed down from the bench this very day.

We will be communicating with members in detail about the ruling and the implications for BC teachers over the next few weeks. However we wanted to make sure we let you know about this wonderful victory as soon as possible. For background information on the timeline and importance of this monumental ruling, go here.

Teacher Magazine challenge (Sep/Oct 2016)

Hi Folks,

You should be receiving the latest copy of Teacher Magazine shortly (if not already).

As an added incentive to read through the magazine, I am offering a prize to the first three people who accurately identify the two pages that have me on them.

Teacher Magazine Sept/Oct 2016

Prize will be a coveted VINTA mug and a BCTF 100th anniversary pin.


Shawn Gough
Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association
Local President
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Supreme Court

Good Morning friends,

It was wonderful news that we received this morning that the Supreme Court of Canada has granted us leave to appeal the BC Court of Appeal decision regarding the unconstitutional stripping of our collective agreements by the BC Liberals in 2002 and again in 2012.

This will allow us to continue to fight for our classroom working/learning conditions.  After 14 years of degraded conditions, chronic underfunding of our public education system, and mean spirited legislation designed to demoralize teachers and devalue the work we do, now more than ever do we need the courts to recognize that governments/employers cannot simply run roughshod over the rights of workers – especially when those rights are freely bargained for and protected under the Charter of Rights.

Our in-house legal staff, together with our partners at Victory Square Law, will have one final kick at the can.  Given our two previous court wins in this case (compared to one loss) I have every hope that justice will prevail and we will be victorious.  I know that is the hope of us all.

Stay positive.  Kevin and/or I will report more to you after the Rep Assembly at the end of the month.


Shawn Gough
Vancouver Island North Teachers’ Association
Local President

United Nations – World Education Forum May 21st, 2015

UN hails outcome of Incheon forum as ‘huge step forward’ for education

Click Here to read the report on the United Nations Website

This excerpt from UN Special Rapporteur on education, Kishore Singh:

“Governments must safeguard education as a public good, and urgently end the commercialization of education,” Mr. Singh added. “Disparities and inequalities in society must be reduced, not encouraged. Building an inclusive education system requires governments to strengthen public education, as is their obligation under international human rights law.”

Mr. Singh called on governments to fully fund and implement their human rights obligations and bring free, public education for all. “Free basic education is the cornerstone of the right to education and must not be undermined through privatisation,” the Special Rapporteur said.

Earth Day 2015 April 22nd

Nov./Dec. Teacher newsmag is online

Have you exhausted your sick leave and are unable to work because of illness or injury?  Do you have questions about your pension statement?  Are you wondering how to raise specific health or safety concerns at your workplace?

The Nov/Dec. 2014 edition of Teacher newsmagazine is now online and can answer your questions and point you in the right direction.


Teacher News Nov/Dec 2014


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