BC Supreme Court: A huge win for teachers, students, and all working people

January 27, 2014

BC Supreme Court: A huge win for teachers, students, and all working people

In a landmark decision today, the BC Supreme Court reaffirmed that Bill 22 is unconstitutional. The ruling also restored hundreds of collective agreement provisions—such as class size, class composition, and minimum specialist staffing ratios—which were stripped in 2002. Justice Susan Griffin also ordered the province to pay the BCTF $2 million in damages plus court costs.

BCTF President Jim Iker noted that the unconstitutional legislation has done significant damage to public education in BC: 200 schools closed, 3,500 teaching positions cut, and students’ learning needs not met.

“I want to acknowledge that without the professionalism and commitment of teachers across this province, the impact would have been much worse,” Iker said. “Teachers have worked together to bridge the gaps and to do more with less every year. It’s an amazing testimony to your skill and dedication to your students. Thank you!”

Iker added: “It’s so great that the judgment comes today, exactly 12 years after then-Education Minister Christy Clark rose in the Legislature and announced how delighted she was to introduce Bills 27 and 28.”

Iker said that more information will be sent to schools as soon as the BCTF completes a full analysis of the lengthy judgment. To read the full document, click here: